This is version 2.0. Currently on Pre-sale (ships December).

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The Zesty Nimble V2

The Nimble is a Remote Direct Drive extruder. The stepper is split away from the extruder itself removing almost all of the weight from the extruder itself. The Nimble weighs less than 25 grams. The Nimble is powered via a drive cable that transmits the power of the stepper directly to the gear system inside the Nimble.

It is the smallest lightest extruder available. It is a very impressive extruder. The standard drive cable is 95 cm long and this is more than long enough for most printers. On a delta, it allows for a print volume of more than 1 meter tall.

(The AAA battery is not included or required. Only shown for scale.)

The custom hob and the breech lever system allows any filament to be printed. From super hard carbon filled filament to X60, the floppiest filament in existence.The Nimble can be mounted left-handed or right-handed and uses an adapter system. This makes it easy to install and easy to switch to another printer. For details, check out the adapter page.

The Creality CR-10Pro currently does not support the Nimble. The driver used for the extruder stepper cannot handle the speeds needed for the Nimble. We are developing a solution.


  • 20:1 gear ratio for a decreased load on your control board.
  • Improved strength of printed parts.
  • Shell halves click together for easy handling during installation.
  • Increased temperature resilience.
  • Even lighter than the original Nimble
  • Unified mounting footprint between Nimble and Sidewinder.
  • Completely overhauled easier to open breech.
  • Inbuilt clamp for reverse bowden.
  • Inbuilt hotend PTFE cutting measure.
  • Injection-molded hotend PTFE clip that ensures centreline of Nimble.
  • Improved strength.
  • And best of all, it is back in Black!


Everything you need, but the stepper.

  • 1 Nimble V2, including the breech
  • 1 Set of Gears, hob and bearings
  • 1 Bottle of gear lubricant
  • 1 Drive cable plus sleeve
  • 1 Coupler for the stepper
  • 1 Bracket for the stepper
  • 2 Clamps for the sleeve
  • All the nuts and bolts needed to mount and use the Nimble on your printer.
  • 4 PTFE clips (you only need one, but they are small)


  • WxDxH is 29.1×37.9×33.8 mm for the unit itself and 45.7 mm tall with the sleeve clamp.
  • Weight is less than 25 grams.
  • Almost 10% lower volume overall
  • Drive cable is 95 cm long. You can order other sizes if you want a different length.
  • Only tools needed: a 2.5 mm and a 1.5 mm Allen key or hex key. If you need to use the M3 nuts you also need a 5.5 mm wrench or spanner.
  • It will fit any Nema17 stepper, the suggested torque rating is: 4kg/cm. We used: Wantai Nema17 Stepper Motor 42BYGHW609P1
  • Filament size: 1.75 mm is standard.
  • Any standard hot-end can be used. If it is a Bowden hot-end, remove the bowden connector, it is not needed.
  • The SLS printed parts of the Nimble may exhibit mild variations in colour.