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Anycubic Photon S (Resin)

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The colourful touch screen is equipped with a Photon S system and brings new functions. You could pre-view the model on an SD card just like you saw pictures in Windows OS. The real-time display printing process function is available now. 2560*1440(2k)HD LCD makes the details down to few micrometres, this is perfect for anyone who is just starting out with resin 3D Printing. It has the upgraded dual Z-lead screw for more precise printing, it is perfect for anyone who wants to start their resin 3D printing journey!

Product Features: 

3dpsabullet Full-Color Intelligent touch screen for real-time previews of print status.

3dpsabullet Stable transmission – Most DLP printers use Raspberry Pi to implement offline printing which is unstable most of the time but the Photon system is designed to support Offline printing. Plug-and-play, USB printing offers stable signal transmission.

3dpsabullet Photon slicer brings extraordinary user experience, It is superior in terms of slicing speed and operational experience. Ultimate Slice Speed.

3dpsabullet Upgraded UV Module, matrix UV lighting for uniform distribution of light.

3dpsabullet 2K LCD Masking Screen 2560 x 1440(2K) HD masking LCD gives very fine printing details down to few micrometres.

3dpsabullet An inner air-purification system with activated carbon to filtrate bad smells and keep the air clean.


Additional information
Machine size

220 x 200 x 400mm

Build Volume

115 x 65 x 155 mm

XY Resolution


Z-axis Resolution

25 ~ 100um


(2560*1440); 2.8-inch Color TFT Screen

LED Array

UV integrated light(wavelength 405nm)

Printing speed


Compatible software

Photon Slicer, Chitubox, Prusa Slicer, Lychee Slicer


USB Flash drive

Input Power

100-240 VAC – 50/60 HZ

Package Dimensions

290 x 270 x 535 mm



Package Contents

3D Printer, resin vat with FEP film pre-mounted, Build plate, Power supply with AU plug, Printing Kit (Gloves, Wiper/Scraper, Funnel, Etc.), Manual, NO RESIN INCLUDED.


12 Months (for major parts) Excluded from the warranty are consumable parts such as the Resin vat, Build plate, FEP Film, SD Card, and ParaLED. Opening the machine without authorization voids the warranty.

Technical FAQs

Any 3rd Party Upgrades or Repairs done on the machine without the supervision or approval from our WhizKids - Technical Support Team will void the warranty of the printers. Please consult with us before proceeding with any upgrades or repairs.

  • Model not sticking to the platform

    - Insufficient exposure time, increasing the exposure time should help the resin adhere properly
    - Contact area between the model and platform may be too small, we suggest adding a raft to increase the contact area
    - Incorrect Bed leveling
  • Layer Separation or splitting

    - Machine is not stable during printing
    - FEP Film in the VAT is not tight enough May cause leaks
    - Print platform or VAT is misaligned
  • What should I do if I have a failed print?

    - Drain and filter out the resin from the VAT to remove any leftover hardened resin, if this is not filtered out, it can puncture your FEP and may cause leaks
  • How long should I wash the prints?

    - It is recommended to wash the prints for at least 2-5 mins to get rid of any excess resin on the printed model
  • How Can Light-off Delay Improve My 3D Prints?

    - Light-off delay refers to the time the build plate lifts up, waits then retracts while printing 3D models. If the light-off delay time is too high, it will take longer to complete the process. If the number is set too low, there is a higher chance of your prints failing.
  • What Slicer Software Can I Use With My Anycubic LCD 3D Printer?

    - CHITUBOX, a third-party slicer software, is available for free and works with all Anycubic LCD 3D printers. Download here:Chitubox.