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Artillery (Evnovo) Sidewinder X1 V4 FDM 3D Printer Bundle

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Product Features: 

3dpsabullet Ultra-quiet Stepper Driver

3dpsabullet Synchronized Dual Z System

3dpsabullet Touch Screen Control

3dpsabullet Rapid Heating AC heatbed

3dpsabullet Power Loss Detection and Recovery

3dpsabullet Filament Runout Detection and Recovery

3dpsabullet 95% pre-assembled, easy for installation

3dpsabullet Titan style direct-drive extruder to support flexible materials



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Additional information


Package Dimension

780 x 540 x 250 mm

Compatible software

Simplify 3D, Ultimaker Cura, Prusa Slicer, Slic3r, Ideamaker

Supported File Format




Printing size:300mm x 300mm x 400mm (L x W x H)

Printable material: PLA, PETG, TPU, *ABS

Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Nozzle diameter: Standard 0.4mm, Optional (0.2, 0.3mm)


Power supply: AC 100 ~ 240V/3.4A, 50 ~ 60Hz

Total power: DC 24V, 650W

Maximum nozzle temperature: 240℃

Maximum hotbed temperature: 110℃

Print bed type: AC Heated bed with Coated borosilicate glass

Bed leveling: Manual (Assisted leveling) Artillery (EVNOVO) Sidewinder X1 Semi DIY FDM 3D Printer Supplier Australia

Artillery (EVNOVO) Sidewinder X1 Semi DIY FDM 3D Printer Supplier AustraliaArtillery (EVNOVO) Sidewinder X1 Semi DIY FDM 3D Printer Supplier Australia