Desktop CAT-1 light color 3D scanner

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  • White-light scanning: utilize white-light technology, with higher accuracy than laser and infrared scanning. A single scan can be accurate up to 0.1mm.
  • Top-speed scanning: automatic scanning mode, taking only 2.5min for a scan, ranking top in terms of speed among the same type of turntable scanner.
  • Industrial lens: equipped with 3 million pixel high-resolution industrial camera, with scanning fidelity better than 1.3/2 million pixels.
  • Color fidelity: advanced camera with 24-bit true color, capturing colors of an object more accurately than black and white camera.
  • Easy to use: non-professionals can get started with only ten minutes of training. Simplified operation allows easy scan of an item.
  • One-touch scanning: it has automatic scanning and intelligent splicing, and processes scanning without human intervention, enabling data output with one touch.
  • Safe illumination: adopted LED cold illumination, harmless to human eyes and safer for student to use compared to laser scanning.
  • Seamless joint: scanned stl data can be directly input to 3d printer for printing without editing.

Using Methods:

The product is mainly used in STEAM education, 3D Maker innovation education, designer product innovation design, etc., to help achieve automatic modeling. It minimizes the difficulty of complex surface modeling and enriches 3D Maker course with more practical content. It is the best assistant for designer in 3D designs.

Tips:1.Smart turntable brings a new scanning experience
2.Automatic turntable:Intelligent with the scanner,you can cuustomize the rotation angle,without manual operation,automatc scanning


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cat-1 11_

cat-1 04_

cat-1 06_


cat-1 08_

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Additional information

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Dimensions30 × 15 × 10 cm
Brand Name


Model Number


Maximum scanning size


scanning mode

Full-automatic scanning

scanning precision



3.0 million pixels

color texture

24 true colors

scanning way

no-contact raster face scan

file type




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