Creality UW-01 Washing/Curing Machine

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Creality UW-01 Washing and Curing Machine, all-in-one washing and curing machine, one step to finish the model post process.


3dpsabullet Dual-band UV light source

3dpsabullet Magnetic 360° rotatable platform

3dpsabullet Large-size washing container

3dpsabullet Adjustable three-gear speed

3dpsabullet 2-90min optional

3dpsabullet HD touch button

3dpsabullet Adjustable three-gear speed and 2-90min optional

3dpsabullet Three-gear speed mode, includes washing and curing

Additional information
Machine size

225 x 225 x 370 mm

Washing Size

170 x 120 x 160 mm

Curing Size

225 x 225 x 370 mm

Time Selection


Power Input

100-240 VAC – 50/60 HZ

Rated Power


Package Dimensions

298 x 297 x 505 mm




Twelve (12) months Warranty for defective parts against manufacturing

Technical FAQs
Any 3rd Party Upgrades or Repairs done on the machine without the supervision or approval from our WhizKids - Technical Support Team will void the warranty of the printers. Please consult with us before proceeding with any upgrades or repairs.

How long do I have to cure the model?

  • It depends on the size of the model, for bigger and more dense prints, it is recommended to cure for at least 5-10 minutes

How long do I have to wash the model?

  • For general prints, it only takes around 2 minutes to fully wash a resin 3D Print. However, for complex models that is hollow, it is recommended to wash it a bit longer (5 minutes) to fully wash the inside of the prints

Can I use a different Cleaning Solvent?

  • Yes, provided that you will not cure the liquid inside the actual container as it might clog up the magnets.