Fast Scanning 3D Scanner Stent + 4pcs Scan Heads

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  1. Super anti-jamming capability( eg. easily deal with black hair, light fabrics and reflective surfaces )
  2. Not need to mark on the scanned people and objects or spray imaging agent.
  3. Not need auxiliary splicing tools, this 3D scanner is automatic splicing
  4. High speed scanning ,real-time data to generate the three-dimensional data and files.
  5. Large scanning range(Size of the scanned object is better larger than 20*20*20cm ),the scanned objects can be stuffed toys, statues, real people(no harm to body), machine parts ,automobiles, furniture and even the room layout.
  6. Support 24-bit full-color scanning
  7. Laptop scanning, more convenient
  8. Not able for the mirror and the transparent objects


This high precision 3D scanner has 3 cameras, the middle one is the RGB camera which is for capturing the pictures 640*480 ,30 frames of image per second at least, the other two on the different sides are depth sensor, the left one is the infrared emitter, the right one is the infrared receiver, which is for detecting the relative position of the object.


  1. High Speed: The maximum scanning speed of up to 600000 points per second, XHCV portable 3D scanner ten times faster than ordinary scanner speed.
  2. large scan range: Can scan 1 cubic meters to tens of meters wide range of objects.
  3. The scanning of moving objects Because the portable 3D scanner and camera work similar, so it can not only scan the static objects, but also can scan dynamic objects. Especially suitable for obtaining medical human action and film production in the dynamic facial expressions.
  4. Color 3D scanning: This portable 3D scanner can capture the bright colors (24 bit color), which can be scanned 3D shape and capture the object at the same time color.


  1. The driver (corresponding to Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit systems, respectively);
  2. Applications and full-featured licenses (both Windows 7 and 32-bit systems).
Additional information

Additional information

Weight18 kg
Dimensions24 × 21 × 15 cm
Scan Breadth


Model Number


Brand Name


items type

3D scanner machine

Operating Temperature

10-40 degree

Data Interface

USB 2.0/USB3.0

Depth resolution@350mm


Depth resolution@500mm


Color image size


Power Supply


Power consumption


Max Power Consumption


Operation Range


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