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Filament Vacuum Bag (X10) Kit

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This is a simple and easy to use storage solution for your Filament spools. It can easily handle a 1KG spool and possibly larger. They can be reused many times if not over-pumped or damaged.

The bags are made out of a strong, food-grade PA+PE material. They have a water-tight double zip-lock seal and can handle a large amounts of pressure. The manual pump is made out of BPA free ABS.

To use

  1. Slide your spool into the bag.
  2. Add desiccant or silica gel into the bag.
  3. Seal the bag by squeezing the seals together – start at one end and work your way to the other.
  4. Place the pump over the blue valve, aligning the holes. Apply light pressure to ensure seal.
  5. Pump until the desired amount of air-removal has occurred. These bag’s are pretty tough but over-pumping or sharp objects may pierce the bag.
  6. Gently rub the valve in a circular motion to ensure the valve seals.

Contents of Kit
10x Storage Bags
1x Hand Pump