Monocure3D Rapid Model Resin 405nm

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Monocure3D Rapid Resin 405nm Supplier Australia

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Our Monocure3D Rapid Resin 405nm Supplier Australia product range is designed for low powered LED DLP type printers such as the Wanhao Duplicator 7. Is black the new white? The near solid black appearance allows you to 3D print models or parts with a detailed smooth finish that will be black in colour when cured.

What printer settings should I start with?

Resin Type: Monocure RAPID MODEL RESIN
Layer Height: 50 microns
Base layers: 4 x 60 Seconds
Normal Layers: 7 Seconds
Lift Distance: 4mm
Wait after Print: 1 Second
* These settings are a guide only as your environment &
the printer can change the way the resin reacts when cured.

How should I handle the resin?

  • Shake the bottle well before every use.
  • Store the resin in a dark cool place.
  • Clean parts and spills with RESINAWAY or IPA
  • Filter Resin back into the bottle when not printing.
  • Post-cure using a 405nm light to avoid yellowing.

Should I Sand the Build Plate?

The Duplicator 7 has had a few different build plate finishes. The early models came with a brushed aluminium surface, then they brought out a painted black one, and the latest version has a highly polished aluminium surface. If you have either of the last two mentioned, for the best adhesion, especially with any darker pigmented colours. To help with this, you may choose to sand the build plate to restore it to the brushed aluminium surface. This is best done by using masking tape to stick a piece of 240 grit sandpaper to a completely flat surface (Glass is perfect), then rub your build plate back and forth until all the paint is removed. Using an electric sander is not recommended as it could make the build plate surface uneven and potentially not completely flat. Remember to re-home the printer when done as the build plate will be a bit thinner!

Important Things to Remember!

★ Sand your build plate (See left)
★ Home printer correctly
★ Avoid using rafts or bases
★ Angled Model Position
★ Use lots of thick supports
★ KISS (Keep it Simple)
Having Problems? Have you downloaded
our Calibration Models yet? Please contact
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