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Phrozen Cure Mega: Post Curing UV Lamp

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Recommended Uses: Engineering and Mass production.

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Large prints need large solutions; this is where Phrozen Cure Mega comes in. Without proper curing assistance, large prints can easily fail. Phrozen Cure Mega comes with 40 X 40 X 45cm mega chamber size. With a 405nm powerful UV light strength and a 360-degree rotating stand, Phrozen Cure Mega cures large prints or multiple smaller-sized models in a flash, regardless of size.
Don’t let your models fail at this crucial stage. Store your models in the chamber and with a click of a button, your models will be properly cured in an hour or less.

Product Features:

3dpsabullet Significantly generous amount of space to cure huge and large quantities of models in one sitting. The Super-Sized cure chamber for mega 3D prints.

3dpsabullet This strengthens the entire structure, making it stronger, and more sustainable for long-term usage

3dpsabullet No Blind Spots: With a 360° rotating platform, every part of your model will be cured with no difficulty

3dpsabullet Easy-to-Use just place your models in the unit, set up the time, tap the start button, and you’re done

3dpsabullet No more uneven cures from leaving your models out too long in the sun, Phrozen Cure Mega makes sure to cure ALL your large-scale models evenly and properly

3dpsabullet Instead of waiting for hours for your models to cure with natural sunlight, just take a nap and your models will be ready in no time

Additional information
Machine Size

480 x 450 x 610 mm

Curing Size

400 x 400 x 450 mm

UV Light Intensity


Power Input

100-240V, 50-60Hz


20 Kg


550 x 650 x 670 mm

Technical FAQs

Any 3rd Party Upgrades or Repairs done on the machine without the supervision or approval from our WhizKids - Technical Support Team will void the warranty of the printers. Please consult with us before proceeding with any upgrades or repairs.

  • How long should I Cure the prints for?

    - It is recommended to cure the prints for at least 5 to 15 minutes, but this may vary according to the size and thickness of your resin prints.