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CCDIY PLA+ Filament (1kg / 1.75mm)

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PLA+ Neatly Wound 1.75mm 1kg Filament CCDIY Supplier Australia

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Shipping from Perth Australia

PLA+ Neatly Wound 1.75mm 1kg Filament CCDIY Supplier Australia has all the benefits of standard PLA+ such as being easy to print with as well as better for the environment and compatible with almost all printers.

Neatly wound PLA+ comes perfectly wound on the spool causing less tangles, and reducing pressure points after being vacuum sealed and stored for long periods, resulting in a more stable tolerance. This means less blockages for your printer and great prints every time.

This filament has greater flexibility than standard PLA+, making it less brittle. The print temp of this filament is only 10 degrees more than standard PLA+ with the benefits of stronger / less brittle prints that have a fantastic finis

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Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Pink, Fuchsia, Yellow, Silver, Grey, Orange, Brown