3D Printing Supplier After-Sales Policy


3D Printing Supplier Australia provides the customers with a 12-month limited warranty for all of the printers we carry. The warranty period starts from the delivery date of the printer to the customer.

3D Printing Supplier Australia will provide free replacement parts if the printer or equipment is damaged due to quality control issues or if it fails to function without any user-related modifications/interventions.

If you want to open a warranty and tech support ticket, you may head on over to our Live-chat or you can send an email to admin@3dpsa.com.au with the subject “Warranty ticket: *Order Number*”. The e-mail must contain the following before 3DPSA can process the warranty ticket:

  • Valid proof of purchase
    Order Number from 3DPSA
  • Buyer must provide documentation of the problem
    • Buyer must provide the Serial Number of the Printer
    • Buyer must provide photo and video evidence of the problem (This will be verified by our tech support team via a video call)

Replacement and Warranty Services will not be provided when

  • The order already exceeded the effective warranty period;
  • If the customer fails to provide the serial number and proof of the said problem;
  • There is no proof that the printer in question was bought from 3DPSA;
  • If the product was found to have no defects after all tests are conducted by our tech support personnel;
  • If the printer was damaged due to misuse (accidental, intentional, lack of knowledge on operating the printer) or by modification of the product (hardware and firmware), exposure to any foreign matter which caused the printer to fail, or improper installation or operation;
  • If the printer was damaged because of the wrong voltage setting
  • If the damaged part was caused by an external and uncontrollable factor such as power surge and natural disasters;

Warranty coverage

The following parts only have 3 months warranty period:
– Nozzle, heater block, heatbreak, Nozzle heatsink, PTFE tube, Fans, Heater cartridge, thermistor, LCD screens for resin printer (1000 print hours for the 2K colour LCD screens and 2000 print hours for the Monochrome Screens)

*Any physical damages to the screens by misuse, resin spills, will NOT be covered under warranty.

  • If the said parts were damaged after the warranty expires, you need to purchase the replacement part

The following parts have a 12 months warranty period:

  • Motherboard, LCD display, heated bed, aluminium extrusions (if damaged or dented) and power supply (provided it was not damaged due to incorrect voltage setting)
  • Warranty Technical support is included in the printer purchase, you may purchase additional hours if needed

Return and Refund Service


The customer can file for a return/refund service if:

– The customer has received a faulty product right out of the box. The customer must inform 3DPSA within two (2) weeks after it was delivered

– If the printer does not arrive within 21 days after the ETA (Expected Time of Arrival), 3DPSA will send out a replacement or the customer can file a refund for the lost printer.

– We do not offer return and refunds for change of minds after the printer has already been used, if the goods have been received and you simply changed your mind, under Australian consumer law you are not entitled to a refund.

– For returns, the printer must be packed with the original packaging of the printer. The customer must return the printer to us at their own expense, we will not pay for the shipping of this return.

– If the customer placed an order and wishes to cancel providing the goods has not been shipped, a refund can be provided immediately.

– If the goods has been shipped out and the customer wishes to cancel the order, the customer will need to ship the goods back to us at the customer’s expense.

– If any goods arrive damaged, please contact our Support Team by emailing admin@3dpsa.com.au as soon as possible. 3DPSA will arrange to have the damaged goods collected at our expense and either arrange for a replacement of the goods or refund the price to you.

-Should your printer be brought in store for repairs which you choose not to go through with, you will still have to pay a $45 Assessment & Diagnostics Fee.

-If your repair is for a resin/SLA printer, you must ensure the printer is clean and has no resin left in the vat before sending your machine in for repairs. If your machine has resin inside it/is in a dangerous condition for our team to work on, it will incur a $90/hr cleaning fee regardless of warranty claims.

For more information on Australian Consumer Law, refer to Consumer Guarantees